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October 05, 2006

The Experiment So Far...

About 3 weeks ago, I wrote that I was beginning an experiment in creation. I explained that I would be using visualization and related techniques to draw people and opportunities to me that would help launch my career as a professional author and speaker. So what can happen in a few weeks?

I have since found a writing buddy, with whom I meet every week to discuss progress on our individual projects and careers. This has been immensely helpful as it keeps me motivated and on task. She also referred me to a professional editor with some serious street credit (she used to work for Random House and other publishers, and was also an agent for many years). I now have a professionally edited manuscript.

Last weekend, I attended a FREE writer's conference in Glendale, AZ and got some great information about how to improve my book (e.g. expanding it from 45,000 words to a more conventional 60,000+ words). I also hooked up with a group that helps writers book public speaking gigs, which is precisely what I've been looking for. It's amazing. I may also be helping to coach other writers in the organization to help them work on their public speaking skills.

In a matter of weeks, my career has gone from the hanger (I'm going for an airplane analogy so buckle up and keep your seats and trays in their locked and upright position) to the taxi way, building up momentum to hit the runway and takeoff! It shows me that combining visualization and other creation techniques with hard work and an open heart does in fact lead to success.  I will keep you posted as things progress. In the meantime, I have a LOT of writing to do.


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